• EAW’s self-powered NTL720 line-array loudspeaker system features a true three-way design and numerous other EAW-patented and proprietary technologies, housed in a compact (9.4 x 24 x 14.3 inches) and lightweight (less than 50 pounds) package. The entire enclosure face of each NTL720 module is filled by a full-sized mid/high horn providing 110-degree (horizontal) by 12-degree (vertical) dispersion. The extreme horn size ensures broadband pattern control throughout the entire MF/HF pass-band.High frequencies are produced by six 1-inch dome tweeters, configured in two vertical columns (each with three tweeters) mounted on a manifold that feeds a single slot in the center of the horn, which is effective in controlling vertical dispersion. Flanking the HF section, dual 6-inch cone woofers handle the MF range, also loading onto the horn with minimal space between the MF and HF components, enhancing coherency and improving overall off-axis response.

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